Posted by: Dangerousden | March 19, 2015

18 Mar 2015 River Kent

Having not wet a line since my last visit to Norfolk last year and with the Brown Trout session under way I opted for an early season visit to the River Kent Bowston Fishery……having always wanted to have a session on the Kent on the first week of the Brown Trout season. Penny Parrock Angling Association  (PPAA)  have fishing rights on the east bank and Burneside Angling Association have the rights on the opposite bank.


However there is a reciprocal agreement between both parties that you may fish either bank. Burneside actually stock this stretch with Brown Trout. PPAA did contribute to this stocking but don’t now due to the lack of visits by their shareholders. It is a case of catch and release by the shareholder.

I set off from Barrow-in-Furness at 1150 parked at the access point and arrived on river bank at about 1315. I  decided to start the session on the lower beat towards Croppers (route red on the map).

The weather was fine with an ait temperature of 10Deg C, the river was clear with a small run. There was a small hatch of fly and I decided to fish with a black buzzer. I worked my way down from the bend……..


……………………before the lower limit (“B” on the Map) before Croppers.

Steadily moving downstream I changed to a Pheasant tail Nymph and then Gold Ribbed Hare Ear (GRHE) without any takes…..or sigh of any fish.There were no movement and no sign of any fish showing……… the only movemnt was a swan which decided to take off just upstream of me……………………….


……and land in front of me.
I stuck it out on the lower strech for ablout 1.5 hours and decided to walk up-stream (route route blue on the map) to Bownton Bridge to seen what the river was like as I had not been on that stretch for a number of years.


Just downstream from the bridge the Environmental Agency had installed a flow measurement Station.



This was not here the last time I fished this stretch of the river.

I could not believe how much river bank had been eroded away and the alarming site of large oak trees which had fallen into the river.



There was only one other fisherman on the river ……….

………..a Burneside Angling Association member. I had a bit of a craic with him, he was saying it was a bit early in the season….. I then carried on further downstream.

As I was moving down the bank I notice a long black shape move from the opposite bank where the beck ran into the Kent ….
………..across to my bank. I quietly moved downstream to see what it was ……. it turned out to be a mink

I  manged to get quite close before it disappeared. As I moved a little further down stream I spotted another mink running along the back and down into an old oak tree root.

I was only about five feet way and it just kept looking at me……….staring me out. Unfortunately my I-Phone battery ran out. I stuck it out until 1600 and headed off home, it was  not a successful day on the fishing side but a fantastic day for scenery and wildlife.

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