Posted by: Dangerousden | May 4, 2015

4 May 2015 Aldingham

Having not been sea fishing locally since 20 September 2013 at Aldingham!!!! I decided I needed to get back into it. I contacted my old mate and fishing companion Steve Magee to see if he was up for it……..and he was. I wasn’t able to get any fresh bait so I had to delve into the freezer and fridge to see what there was. I managed to find a bit of frozen black , salted blow lug



and frozen crab………courtesy of Stuart Stamp….thanks Stu.  Reading some of my old reports for for a bit of information seeing as it has been that long. I arrived at 1100 meeting up with Steve in the car park. We got set up ………………………………….



and waited for the tide to show (HT 1229  8.9M),


It was a nice sunny morning with a brisk SW breeze . I actually thought there may have been a few more people out fishing but we were on out own. The tide was fishable at 1130 as I predicted.


I decided to fish with just the one  rod…………………..with 2 hook size 2 clipped  rig on a 150gm breakaway, top hook with salted blow lug and the bottom with frozen black. I fished like this for the first hour then whipped some frozen crab onto each bait……..all to no avail!

It was a pleasant day out and good to catch up with Steve Just like my last visit to Aldingham it was a quite blanking session for both of us…..although Steve did say that he had a couple of knocks.

We fished until about an hour after high water and decided to call it a day ……as we running out of water.


It will have to be plan B next time…………fresh bait!!!

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