Posted by: Dangerousden | June 17, 2015

17 June 2015 Aldingham

Having read a lot of the local reports and the the fact that I am now on top of my gardens at home and the allotment and ,,,,,,,,Mrs Dangerous is not feeling too bad at the moment, I had the urge to go luring. I rang my old mucker Steve Magee knowing that he was on 9 days off……unfortunately it was his last day off and first nightshift tonight so he was out of the frame. I took Mrs Dangerous to FGH to get her bloods checked and went home to get my gear together. Rod …check! Reel …..check! Rapala sling bag……check! Chest waders……….not check!!!!!!……only found one wading boot…so had to get the wet weather gear out as I didn’t have time to search the house.
Set off and the very light drizzle turned a bit heavier on the drive down. I arrived at 1150 to an overcast Morecambe Bay, rough sea and a brisk westerly breeze (HT 1244 9.0M). There were two others bait fishing when I arrived


….one an old work mate from GSK… Keith Pearce.

I decided to use my Shimao with mono on and not braid….the last time i used braid with my Okuma set up all I got was wind knots. I started off with a Maria Chase SW:


…..managing to get out about 30M


…..annoyed that I could find my chest waders. I worked down towards my friend was fishing thinking that the exercise will be doing me good. Just before high water another chap arrive and fished further down towards the groynes.
I got to where Keith was fishing caught up with him….. as the last time I met him was at Priory Point about two years ago! He gave me an example of his casting technique:

He had one flatty when I arrived using fresh blow lug and was using two rods. I move down from him and decided to change from the Maria Chase to a Blue Mackerel Stinger Splash:


……..again getting out about 30M and working this lure more. The other chap down from Keith had a couple of flatties……no Bass to be seen from anyone ……only plenty of large jellyfish.


I went back to Keith for another natter during which he landed another flatty.



Decided  to call it a day @1330…….got home ….decluttered  a wardrobe and found my other wading boot and the chest waders!


  1. Subject: River Duddon tomorrow & Penny Parrock tasks

    Hi Dennis……
    At the last minute I am planning a couple of tasks that need urgent attention on the Duddon.
    ……Tomorrow Friday the 24th of July……
    I am hoping to go to the Crook fishery on the upper Duddon to sort the falling/hanging over trees just below the top limit.
    i.e. on the bank just downstream of the entry gate.
    There is a super pool there that holds fish but sadly is now difficult to get at.
    Best to park obviously up at Hall Dunnerdale bridge by the phone box.
    I have most of the gear sorted!
    Saying that if you can come along bring your own ppe etc.
    + anything else that might help simplify the task.
    Is anyone available to help?
    Please let me know asap if you can help.
    … also if you can muster up any other members/helpers.
    I will issue meet up time details etc on Thursday evening (tonight) via email.
    It looks like the meet up will be at 12.30 midday up at Crook.
    After that we hope to travel to Duddon Bridge circa 5 to 6 pm..
    In that locality there are two infestations of Himalayan Balsam.
    Whoever is left can drop down the valley to Duddon bridge with us.
    Parking at the big lay bye at the bottom of the ulpha road…
    … or at the Furnace lay bye at the bottom of the Corney Fell road.
    Please let me know asap if you can help on either task.
    Tight lines…… David.

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