Where I Fish

Sea Fishing

I normally frequent the coastline of South Cumbria and North Lancashire, some of my favourite haunts are:
Earnsie Bay
Earnse bay is on the west coast of Walney.  I normally fish for  Bass and occasionally the odd flounder….
South Walney
I fish for Bass along various stretches down from Thorney Nook
I fish for flounder on the first scar. However I do intend to go the 2nd/ top Scar for Bass.
Coast Road
I fish for flounders and Bass along various locations of the Coast Road up to Kingfisher Car Park.

Game Fishing

Furness Fishing Game Section

FFA game water are Nigel, Burlington and Middle North. These are old mining working ponds located at Roanhead.  I only fly  fish on these waters.

Penny Parrock Angling Association

I hold 2 shares in this angling company. Techniques I use on these rivers are Fly, Spinning, Worm and shrimp. I have fishing rights on stretches on the following rivers:

River Duddon – ,Species That can be caught are Salmon and Sea Trout

River Crake – Species That can be caught are Salmon, and Sea Trout

River Kent –  Species That can be caught are Salmon, Sea Trout and Brown Trout

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